Mechanical Scale
Mechanical Scale

Item specifics

Waterproof indicator
Stainless steel indicator



*Name:Double Dial Scale

*Model :DD-C

*Max.Cap: 200kg,300kg,500kg,1000kg

*Scale division(d):1000g

*Double Dial display

*Size of bearing plate:600×450mm,600×800mm
*Overall size:91×54.5×123cm
*Size of base packing box:93×59.5×24.5cm
*Size of dial packing box:111.5×36×14cm

Having such advantages as automatically indicating the measuring readings, stable function, exact indicated values, easy operation and convenient maintenance, DD-C model platform spring dial scale is applicable to many fields like industrial enterprise, commerce, communication and transportation, etc. The series of products are with legible scale, easy read and rapid measurement.