Bluetooth Printer Crane Scale
Bluetooth Printer Crane Scale

Item specifics

CE Certificate



     The bluetooth scale uses long distance bluetooth bodule, it can flexible connect to android mobile phone, bluetooth printer and personal computer. Use app software, customer's android mobile phone can display the weigh value, zero, tare and parameter setting. the mobile phone will be used as a portable handheld indicator.

Blue tooth scale chooses dynamic power control fuction to minimize power consumption.

* Name:  Bluetooth printer crane scale 
* Model: OCS-SL-B 
* Capacity: 1t--20T 
* Standard: OIML III 
* CE approved 
* Units: Kg/Ib/N 
* A luminum die-casting enclosure 
* 30mm LED display or LCD 
* Infrared remote controller 
* High duty bow shackle and hook 
* Low battery warning 
* Battery: 6V/7Ah; Adaptor, 9V/1000mA

* Zero/Tare 
* Auto power off
* Display hold
* Unit switch
* Voltage display
* Resolution Switch
* Overload display