Truck Scale
Truck Scale
Truck Scale
Truck Scale
Truck Scale
Truck Scale

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Name: Truck scale 
Capacity: 30T-150T 
Model: SCS-TB (single, dual, three, four sections)

*Corrugated steel plate
*SCS Analog / Digital Modular Full-electronic Truck Scale Series 
*SCS truck scales have been tested with heavy-load for a long time and are optimized 

*Gradually. Their main beams and auxiliary beams are made of rigid section-steels like I-steel, U-steel, etc. High quality steel plates are selected and used for its platform, and its scale body is reasonably pieced into closed box-type frame. While welding, we use the special technique and clamps, precision measure technology of space positioning and advanced weld-technic, so as to ensure the level degree of large area, the space geometry-dimension and the rational distribution of weld stress. All the main mechanical capacity is largelystrengthened, from the longitudinal anti-bending and horizontal anti-torque capability of its scale body to the part compressive-rigidity of its platform plate. 

*Its surface layer is specially finished: Firstly its scale body is strictly processed with antirust and oxide-layer dislodging, secondly the managed surface is sprayed twice with the quality epoxy and rich-zinc antirust paint, then antirust-paint layer is sprayed with orange-veins acrylic acid polyurethane that is usually used in shipbuilding industry. So the property of abrasion, anti-press, anti-aging and antirust is enormously improved. 

Detail file: 
* Accuracy class: OIML III 
* Weighing range: 10-150t 
* Length of platform assembby: 6-24m 
* Platform width: 3/3.4m 
* Safety overload: 130% Max 
* Max transmitting distance of analog signal: 100m 
* Max transmitting distance of digital signal: 1000m 
* Operating power supply: 240/220/110VAC, 50/60Hz 
* Relative humidity: <95% 
* Working temperature: -10-+40